Return Policy

At Coral Port, our focus is to offer high quality products and well known name brands to our customers at discounted prices. Therefore, due to our low margin we cannot accept returns or exchanges on any items. However, in an extremely exceptional case of accepting a return, at the sole discretion of the seller, -or cancellation of an order, which has been paid for and confirmed-, a nonnegotiable %20 restocking fee and $75 cancellation fee and a reverse delivery fee will be assessed. No return or cancellation requests will be deemed as valid unless exceptionally approved and clearly confirmed via email by us. Our return policy may not apply to all of our merchants. Any exceptions are listed on the item's page. If your item was shipped with our "Free Shipping" option, we will charge our outgoing shipping expenses because shipping is already included in the price, but the buyer will still be charged the round trip shipping costs incurred by Coral Port.

We don’t take responsibility for any item that is restricted to sell on Amazon or restricted to send to FBA. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure before buying that he/she is eligible to sell this item on Amazon or any other marketplaces. This includes but is not limited to brands, categories, PPE, hazmat, IP, pesticide, limited storage space, policies, etc.

Coral Port LLC is not responsible for checking the SKUs and the ASINs on the PO kindly check your POs otherwise our return policy will be applied.

We don’t take responsibility for any item that’s been waiting for over 30 days at our warehouses. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check their account status such as inventory limits, hazmats, ungates etc. If Coral Port LLC does not receive any box labels (Must be Amazon FBA box labels) items will be disposed of without any refund.